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From Robert McIntosh <robert.mcint...@zurichna.com>
Subject Re: [OT] looking for project interest
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:32:50 GMT
"Antonio Gallardo" <agallardo@agssa.net> 
06/21/2004 07:31 PM
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"OJB Developers List" <ojb-dev@db.apache.org>


Re: [OT] looking for project interest

Hi Robert:

I read all the mails related to this post. I think it is interesting
because new ideas are always welcomed. It is great to share ideas and to
know new approachs. I will try to participate in this interesting

1-In OJB, we can access write SQL statements using JDBC directly. Another
option is using QueryBySQL or ReportQueries.

I don't doubt that, and some other tools such as Hibernate, allow that as 
well. The key being 'using JDBC directly'. I'm suggesting using the same 
API and the client not care if under the covers JDBC is being accessed or 
not. In other words the client shouldn't have to switch from JDBC to OBJ 
to XQuery to XYZ interfaces.

2-In the case of the FastLine Reader, I think it can be incorpored in OJB.
It can be an internal enhancement that the user will no see at all. This
can be done as part of improvements efforts of the OJB community.

3-I noted that JDO os not being mentioned and I think it is important too.
The JDO support in OJB allow transparent persistence for persistence
stores as RDBMS and filesystems in a similar manner as JBDC.

JDO is important if you want to follow a spec and the only kinds of 
queries you want to perform are those reachable through the object model 
and you don't have any complexities in your query. Break any of those 
'ands' and it tends to fall apart. The same could be said for EJB, ODMG, 
etc. They are great for their purpose, but not so great when you need to 
do something outside their scope.

4-Also the reachability problem is solved in OJB or JDO.

They handle persistence through reachability, this I do not disagree with. 
What about persistence, or queries, that DON'T follow an object's 
reachability? Think about SQL for example. You can do just about any kind 
of join or combinging of data through the use of SQL. Be it joins, unions, 
views, stored procedures that build in-memory temp tables or whatever, you 
can do it. Object reachability has its limits.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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