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From Robert Sfeir <rob...@codepuccino.com>
Subject RE Should we RC7 or Not
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:35:26 GMT
forget rc7, we're not going to find all the show stoppers and if the 
ones we fixed are not fixed, they won't be really fixed for 1.0. just 
push it out.

I haven't even gone to rc6 myself, so my production code is on rc5 (or 
is it 4), and I don't want to make a move until 1.0. I'm sure a few 
people are doing the same. heck some people are still on 0.9.8!

Changing to rc7 will also be more involved since we split the files, 
and this is something I'd rather do in 1.0 because for what ever 
psychological reason, 1.0 means we're done... when we're not really 
ever done.  We can do that, then shortly after spit out 1.0.1 for those 
who always wait for the .0.1 releases, and we can take care of bugs 

I'm usually the advocate for pushing out RCs with a lot of changes, but 
dang it this stuff is pretty stable at this point for 98% of the users. 
  Let's get more people using it by calling it 1.0.


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