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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.fhg.de>
Subject Re: Release 1.0
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2004 15:11:06 GMT
Brian McCallister wrote:

> I did 1.0rc7, Thomas M. did the ones prior to that I believe. I am happy 
> to roll this one out and can do so this afternoon now that major issues 
> are resolved if no one else has time or wants to.
> The general release process etc as I understand it is:
> Tag the release:
> cvs tag "OJB_1_0"

This time we should also have a branch for "1.0 maintenance" to enable 
development for 1.1

> build the distribution:
> ant release
> Sanity checks
> generate md5 sums and gpg sigs on each artifact (include your gpg pub 
> key in KEYS in the root of the project not (this is all Jakarta release 
> stuff I stole)).
> copy up to minotaur and place artifacts in appropriate place under 
> /www/db.apache.org/builds/ojb/
> Sanity check the site one more time
> Untar the site into "foo" (where foo is arbitrary temp dir)
> from the db.apache.org dir rearracge the dirs:
> mv ojb ojb.rc7_2 && mv foo ojb

Could we also have a softlink in the download area called 'latest' or 
similar, which points to the 1.0 dir ?

> tell the PMC ( I notified them of upcoming release already, nice to tell 
> everyone it has been done, with link to vote thread, 
> marc.theaimsgroup.com is a convenient way of pointing out threads).
> send an email to announce@apache.org, ojb-users@apache.org

Not to forget to announce it at freshmeat, JavaLobby etc. :-)

> Dion Almaer asked me to also write something up and submit to 
> TheServerSide.com when we made the 1.0 release, which I'd be happy to do.



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