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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.fhg.de>
Subject Re: How do you map a reference to an interface-backed class? (non-trivial)
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 14:04:27 GMT
Clute, Andrew wrote:

>That's what I assumed, and was afraid of.
>I think I can get around it temporarily by actually creating a composite
>field that contains the classname and the PK in the same field (i.e.
>"foo.bar.CatalogItem:12345"), and then creating a custom Conversion that
>will take that string and instantiate the object.
>Now, is there any technical reason why there isn't a strategy to map a
>class that has a reference to an interface-backed class where the
>concrete classes are not mapped in the same table? It would seem to me,
>that such a feature could be implemented pretty straight-forward in the
>current architecture (and I would be willing to take that on), but I
>want to make sure I understand all of the ramifications of why this
>isn't done at this time (feature never implemented?, won't work with
>what we currently have?, etc.
>One staight-forward approach would to modify the repostiroy_user.xml
>definitions to allow the following type of mapping:
>    <reference-descriptor
>        name="interfaceItem"
>        class-name-field-ref="interfaceClassName"
>    >
>        <foreignkey field-ref="interfaceGuid"/>
>    </reference-descriptor>
>        name="interfaceClassName"
>        column="interface_class_name"
>        jdbc-type="VARCHAR"
>    />
> <field-descriptor
>        name="interfaceGuid"
>        column="interface_guid"
>        jdbc-type="VARCHAR"
>        access="anonymous"
>    />
That would work, I guess, though I'd rather put the class name next to 
the foreignkey:

        <concreteClassName field-ref="interfaceClassName"/>
        <foreignkey field-ref="interfaceGuid"/>

IMO this concept should be extended to collections as well 
(inverse-concreteClassName) to get rid of the hard-coded 
'ojbConcreteClass' stuff. Might be a good use of anonymous fields, too.

And sure, if you want to have a go at it, by all means go ahead !


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