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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.fhg.de>
Subject Re: Fixing forrest generation.....
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:34:41 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> The interferece was because we were copying all the forrest dir to the new
> location. Including the "build/temp" dir, where forrest store some
> prebuilded stuff.

Ah, I see.

> Between the snapshot used before from some weeks ago and
> the lastest forrest CVS stuf, there was a very important change in
> forrest:
> The upgrade of Cocoon to 2.1.5 and it causes a lot of changes on the
> pregenerated temp files including a lot of changed libs. That is why the
> error was too weird and also explain why is so simple the solution to this
> problem.
> BTW, the titles are fixed as well as good rendered HTML pages, but not the
> PDF files. :(

I've noticed the HTML pages are better now :-) We should have everybody 
check all browsers (and PDF readers ?) out there to see whether it's 
good now.

> I already posted on the forrest dev list about the problem on the PDF
> generation. Hopefully, someone can help us there. If not I will try
> tomorrow to check where is the problem with it.

That'd be great! PDF without borders is way ugly.

> BTW, Is OJB using a customized forrest skin?

I was under the impression that we're using a standard Tigris skin, but 
Armin will know exactly.
At least the CSS stylesheets are from Tigris because I'm using them 
right now to change the stylesheet for Javadoc.


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