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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.fhg.de>
Subject Re: Vector use
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:29:31 GMT
Robert Sfeir wrote:

> The change of final I had made were in very specific spots and none of 
> them were to methods or classes.  Also yes, one of the reasons we SHOULD 
> be using it, is because this is open source and as such we should not 
> just blindly trust anyone making the changes, and this would give us an 
> edge over folks who might not be very careful on a change and at least 
> it will trip them up before the code is submitted.

Well, I'm not following you here. And in fact I fully agree with Sam 
(magpiebrain): I rather trust users to know what they are doing (and 
even more so in open source where everybody can see what is going on in 
the inside anyway). And if there is one thing that I've learned from 
creation and usage of frameworks, then that the places where the 
designer thinks that the user will change something (template & hook) 
are usually not the same places where users would like to (we had a 
couple of these, e.g. check archives for PersistentField and nested fields).

> That said the changes were to method parameters, instance variables 
> etc...  the intent is not to limit the extension of the api, rather make 
> sure a parameter/variable doesn't get unintentionally changed when it's 
> not supposed to, and help hint to the GC that it can toss them just as 
> soon as it can.

For internal stuff, then you're probably right though I guess a decent 
static code checker can find these too. As for the GC, well, I don't 
have enough knowledge about the internals of the VM to understand how 
the final keyword on a local variable would help the GC throwing 
variable values away earlier.


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