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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.gmd.de>
Subject [RFC] OJB in-a-jar
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 21:02:30 GMT
I was thinking about making OJB able to run without any user supplied
configuration or descriptor files. The general idea is that OJB is used
in-a-jar and every relevant configuration and initialization can done at
runtime without having to supply files. This involves:

- OJB properties

Currently there has to be a file OJB.properties present which contains
default settings and settings changed by the user. IMO these should be
separated. The default settings should be a fixed part of OJB (either
coded in the source or as a default.properties file within the jar). The
user settings can still be located in a OJB.properties file (and checked
for + loaded at OJB initialization), but this file is no longer
required. Furthermore, it should also be possible to supply these user
settings via appropriate methods (before the OJB runtime has been
initialized) rather than via a file.

- Connection descriptor / Repository descriptor

It is already possible to define these at runtime. However it is still
required to supply a repository.xml, even if it is empty.

The benefits when these file dependencies are removed, are:

- Integration into/usage in other environments is a lot easier if no
external files are required (e.g. webapps)

- When the default settings are integrated into the dist (either in the
code or as a file in the jar), then it will be easier for users to migrate
to a new OJB version. Currently it happens every so often that the OJB
libraries are updated, but not the OJB.properties (or the DTD which also
could be checked per default) which leads to errors concerning missing or
wrong settings - these could be at least reduced

IMO the changes (which should be rather small) should be in the 1.0
because this version is bound to be around for a while, so if somebody is
likely to use OJB for something new (in particular I was thinking about
usage in scripting), then it will be with this version. So we should make
this integration as easy as possible.

What do you think ?


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