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From "Antonio Gallardo" <agalla...@agssa.net>
Subject @proxy-prefetch-limit in <reference-descriptor> is an error?
Date Mon, 31 May 2004 05:48:08 GMT

Reading the lastest documentation (in the CVS) I found that the
<reference-descriptor> can contain a proxy="[true|false]" attribute. I
think it is OK.

But later I found a weird attribute in <reference-descriptor>:

The @proxy-prefetch-limit - This attribute to me is non-sense at all.
Maybe I cannot see a case for it. Please open my eyes if I am wrong :-D

I will try explain:

>From the same documentation at docu/repository.html#reference-descriptor

A reference-descriptor contains mapping info for an attribute of a
persistent class that is not primitive but references another persistent
entity Object. More about 1:1 references here.

A foreignkey element contains information on foreign key columns that
implement the association on the database level.

In that way, the <reference-descriptor> describe a "foreign key" and AFAIK
a foreign key can be only one. You cannot prefetch more than 1 key,
because there is no more than 1. I still don't know a foreign key that can
point to more than 1 register in other table. But if there is a case or I
am wrong, please explain.

So in that way, if this is part of the repository.dtd. It is wrong. If
there is code for that, it has not sense. And if this is just a document
typo. Please fix it. ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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