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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject [kernel refactoring] What do you think about
Date Sat, 22 May 2004 14:05:33 GMT
Hi all,

after a hint from Brian to change the the default cache implementation 
to ObjectCachePerBrokerImpl, because that one makes most sense in real 
deployments I start writing a real two level cache to improve cache 
possibilities and hell came over me, so I do some more....

I introduce a class called LocalCache (replace InternalCache in PBImpl). 
This class implements ObjectCache interface and provide some additional 
methods. It wraps the ObjectCache instance provided by the 

LocalCache represents a first level cache and is not pluggable. All 
cached objects first be cached in LocalCache and will be pushed to the 
real cache when the PB-tx successfully commits or when method 
#pushToRealCache() was directly called. In all other cases the cached 
objects will be discarded.
It guarantee transaction isolation of the ObjectCache (as long as we 
don't use all persistent objects by reference), help to resolve circular 
references and help to avoid concurrency materialization problem of the 
global ObjectCache implementations (means that partial materialized 
objects can be read from a global shared cache by a concurrent thread).

Now all test cases pass (except some tests which should fail) with 
ObjectCacheEmptyImpl too and I think this will be expected by the user.

I'm currently working on a new second level cache (ObjectCache) which 
returns only copies of the cached objects and internally cache only 
"flat objects" (field values + Identity objects of the references). At 
present it's in an alpha state.

Second I introduced a separation of the PB user api and the PB api used 
by the top-level implementations. The PersistenceBroker interface was 
extended by PersistenceBrokerInternal interface. In PBI all services and 
methods useful for top-level api can be specified.
PersistenceBrokerFactoryFactory now returns PBI instances instead of PB, 
but the good all PBF still returns PB instances. So the changes will 
only be visible internal.
The top-level api should use in future 
'PersistenceBrokerFactoryFactory.instance()' to get instances of PBI.

Third I introduce an Identity service help to create Identity instances 
of given objects.
In PBImpl:
public IdentityFactory serviceIdentity();
IdentityFactory provide methods for easy creation of Identity instances.

Also I introduced in PBImpl
public void setIgnoreCache(boolean ignore);
public boolean isIgnoreCache();

'setIgnoreCache' allows to temporarily disable the ObjectCache 
(LocalCache was still active to help proper materialization of objects), 
e.g. when big ResultSets are expected and you don't want to push 
millions of objects to cache.

Till now all described changes and improvements should be backward 
compatible and do NOT affect user api. All tests pass and performance 
was not affected.

But why not add
public IdentityFactory serviceIdentity();
public void setIgnoreCache(boolean ignore);
public boolean isIgnoreCache();
to PB interface. This will be backward compatible and offer new helpful 
services to PB user api. I know we are in RC (till one year now ;-)) and
api changes are not allowed, but why not break rules when it's good for all.

All comments welcome!


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