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From David Le Strat <dlest...@yahoo.com>
Subject [OJB] [J2] [OJB-PATCH] ClassHelper Patch.
Date Mon, 31 May 2004 20:15:45 GMT
Hello there,

I am cross posting this message to both Jetspeed-Dev
and OJB-Dev lists as this patch impacts both projects.

The following J2 issues describe in more detail the
reason for this patch.


The Jetspeed 2 development team ran in an issue with
OJB in the context of web application using
cross-context functionality (which we have to
implement to be able to comply with JSR168).

OJB in its current form cannot be used by web
applications using cross-context functionality.  The
problem is caused by the way OJB dynamically creates
new class instances: Class.forName("className",

When a web app A (e. portlet app) wants to dynamically
instantiate a new class which is local to web app B
(e.g. Jetspeed), it needs the classloader of web app B
to do so.  This can easily be done by using the
classloader from an already instantiated class from
web app B:

What clearly won't work is:

The enclosed patch extends the
org.apache.ojb.broker.util.ClassHelper to allow
external application to specify the class loader that
should be used by OJB.  This allows us in the example
above to tell OJB to use the web app B (Jetspeed)
classloader in specific circumstances.

Please post to both list to discuss any issues you may
have with that patch.

Best regards,

David Le Strat.

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