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From Phil Warrick <philip.warr...@mcgill.ca>
Subject Re: full OQL 3.0 parser for java?
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 19:53:17 GMT
Agreed, the runtime support is the more significant undertaking.  If it 
made sense to enhance the antlr grammar, perhaps the sablecc grammar 
could be a good reference.

BTW... my grey-matter language parser finally kicked out an bad token on 
'grammer' :)


> On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Phil Warrick wrote:
>  > Thomas,
>  >
>  > Can you point to the odmg full grammer?  All I've ever seen on the odmg
>  > website is the 'sample' grammer upon which the OJB OQL parser is based.
> That's the one. If you look into it, then you will see that it contains a
> lot more stuff than the one with OJB (which dates 1999 if I'm not
> mistaken).
>  > A cursory look at the sablecc grammer indicates that it has much more
>  > coverage.
>  >
>  > Of course if an available antlr grammer provides full support there's no
>  > reason to change.
> And even if not, it should not be hard to add missing stuff to the Antlr
> grammer if necessary. As I said, the runtime support probably requires
> more work (for either parser generator).
> Tom

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