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Subject [DB OJB Wiki] Updated: YourQuestionHere
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 14:00:21 GMT
   Date: 2004-04-23T07:00:21
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: DB OJB Wiki
   Page: YourQuestionHere
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/db-ojb/YourQuestionHere

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Change Log:

@@ -412,3 +412,21 @@
 Completely agree with the previous poster. Had the exact same experience except on windows.
Also, are these problems new to 1.0rc4?
 Why are only downloads for the new 1.0.rc* builds available? Why are there no stable versions
+Just need a techy question answering. I have an n:m relationship between two tables in a
database, using an indirection table to join the two - like this...
+User >> Link_User_Country >> Country
+...the idea being that Users have access to data in a set of Countries. The data in the Countries
table is fixed. Using the indirection-table tag in the repository file is *great* for reading
data - there's a "availableCountries" property in my User class which gives me a collection
of Country objects.
+What I've hit a problem with is updates and deletions. I'd like to be able to just add and
remove Countries from the availableCountries collection and for these actions to add and remove
records from the indirection table (Link_User_Country). It's actually adding/removing records
in both the indirection table AND the Country table (with all the associated database errors!).
+So - what would be the best way of implementing this given that;
+a) I want an easy to use collection of Country objects accessible from my User object
+b) Inserts and Deletions should only occur in the link table

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