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From Peter Wieland <peter.wiel...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: auto-XXX setting (PART II)
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 22:51:15 GMT
Hi Armin, Jakob and the others,

thanks for your mail Armin, The auto-XXX attributes become very clear in
your proposals.

But I'm not sure whether this is really what we need. My skepticism is
espacially related to the auto-update behaviour you propose for m:n

I'm not sure whether it is really a good idea to leave it to the application
programmer to store indirection table entries. While in some cases using
auto-update="true" would be an acceptable solution, I don't think that it is
always the desired behaviour. I think the possibility to just update the
references, i.e. the entries in the indirection table, would be a good

Another argument supporting this request is that from an application
programmers point of view, there is no difference in storing the n side of a
1:n relation or storing one side of a m:n relation. Hence I think we should
not require special treatment for m:n relations with auto-update="false".

What do you think?


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