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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.gmd.de>
Subject Re: checkstyle for ojb ?
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 14:57:13 GMT
On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Thomas Mahler wrote:

> I'm a fan of using such a tool for quality improvements.
> They usually find a lot of "smelly" code. Only problem: they usually 
> find to much to deal with... It's totally frustrating that your piece of 
> software has 3478 defects. If it said here are the top 20 things to 
> improve, it would be much more motivating...
> I think makes sense to start with settings that allow to find only very 
> few defects (say unused local variables).

I only had a quick look at checkstyle (and btw. it crashed my Eclipse 3M7
when run with OJB), but a lot of checks seem to be dealing with coding
style (including comments). So, using checkstyle would mean agreeing on a 
coding style for OJB first, right ? (which would be a good thing
IMO) Though I guess that we can enforce some parts of a coding style in a
proactive way using pretty printers and formatting rules (e.g. Eclipse 3).

There appear to be other, really useful checks in checkstyle though,
particularily finding duplicated code (using free-for-noncommercial-use
plugin of Simian ?)


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