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From Peter Wieland <peter.wiel...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: auto-XXX setting (PART II)
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 21:27:05 GMT
Hi Jakob,

>> Another argument supporting this request is that from an application
>> programmers point of view, there is no difference in storing the n side
>> of a 1:n relation or storing one side of a m:n relation. Hence I think
>> we should not require special treatment for m:n relations with
>> auto-update="false".

> in a perfect world this would be true ;) in case you live in a not so
> perfect world, you either have to use auto-update=true or insert the
> mn-implementors manually...

I agree, but (because there is always a "but" coming along with "I agree")
shouldn't it be the ultimate intention to create a perfect world?! As you're
obviously thinking about necessary changes concerning the auto-XXX
attributes, wouldn't this be a great opportunity to make OJB even more
perfect than it is today?

Of course, I am aware that there are lot's of other things to do but just
two more points on this.

In my opinion, OJBs main benefit is that it serves as an abstraction layer
taking away from the application programmer the necessity to rack one's
brain about all the database concepts. I argue that filling m:n implementors
manually has nothing to do with the object oriented view OJB makes available
but is purely due to dbms architecture.  I think the separation of the dbms
layer and the object oriented view is a key feature of OJB. Inserting m:n
implementors manually obviously breaks this separation.

As far as the confusion about the auto-update behaviour is concerned, I
think one reason is that two things were mixed up. Auto-updating references
is not the same thing than auto-updating the referenced object (at least
from the object oriented point of view). The proposed solution consits in
either doing both or none of these operations. This certainly clarifies
things, but I feel that the cost for this clarifications is decreasing

I don't know whether the dev-list is the right place for such "philosophic"
discussions, but I think this is really important.



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