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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.gmd.de>
Subject Re: JDO, was 1.0 final release
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 20:55:55 GMT
On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Jakob Braeuchi wrote:

> hi thomas,
> i assume that those jdo-implementations have their own or-mapper under the hood 
>   and i doubt that they are eager to change it.

Probably (I know that TJDO has), but my belief is that both projects would
gain much:

* The jdo impl would get a solid and active db abstraction layer that
has transactions, works in clustered and managed environments, supports
all mayor databases (including oracle, db2, mssql) etc. etc. etc. In a
word, they wouldn't have to do the 'dirty' work of coding in sql for a
multitude of databases anymore, and at the same time gain new
developers that do this dirty work for them ;-) and also gain lots of new 

* The advantages for OJB are obvious, I guess: gaining a JDO
implementation, more users (and developers), more time to develop other
important stuff ;-)

I'm not talking about merging the two, but rather that after the 1.0, we
should perhaps first check whether any of the existing jdo impls could be
put on top of OJB without too much effort. If thats the case, we could
create such an integration prototype, and then propose it to the jdo impl
If not, well, then we can still develop our own jdo impl, right ?!


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