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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject Re: getObjectByIdentity fails after cvs update
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 10:35:47 GMT
Hi Michael,

current CVS head pass all PB-Tests without problems. Seems that in your 
case, the DescriptorRepository was not set for used PB instance or was 
set to 'null'. Do you do "any exotic things" in your application, 
setting of DescriptorRepository for PB instance, using own PB 
implementation, ...?


Michael Mogley wrote:

> Hi Dev Guys,
> I just cvs-updated the last few weeks worth of changes and now get this error from my
web-app when looking up an object by identity:
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.core.PersistenceBrokerImpl.getClassDescriptor(PersistenceBrokerImpl.java:1602)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.cache.CacheDistributor.searchInClassDescriptor(CacheDistributor.java:276)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.cache.CacheDistributor.getCache(CacheDistributor.java:198)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.cache.AbstractMetaCache.lookup(AbstractMetaCache.java:117)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.cache.InternalCache.lookup(InternalCache.java:80)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.core.PersistenceBrokerImpl.doGetObjectByIdentity(PersistenceBrokerImpl.java:1229)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.core.PersistenceBrokerImpl.getObjectByIdentity(PersistenceBrokerImpl.java:1212)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.core.DelegatingPersistenceBroker.getObjectByIdentity(DelegatingPersistenceBroker.java:296)
>         at org.apache.ojb.broker.core.DelegatingPersistenceBroker.getObjectByIdentity(DelegatingPersistenceBroker.java:296)
> I have tried with various cache implementations including ObjectCacheEmptyImpl.
> Could this be due to some recent OJB code changes?  Do I need to add something new to
my class descriptors?
> Grateful for any help.
> Michael 

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