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From "Antonio Gallardo" <agalla...@agssa.net>
Subject Re: Procedure - Re: [vote] 1.0 final release
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 06:09:17 GMT
John McNally dijo:
> Finally, if the release doesn't get done by Feb 29.  Please do not take
> the relicensing requirement after that date as a big hassle.  Even if
> you do consider it a big hassle, a 1.1 or even 1.0.1 release after that
> date is going to require the new licence.  So unless you keep your HEAD
> free from anything that should not go into a 1.0.1 bug fix release, you
> will have to do the same work that has to be done on HEAD on a release
> branch.  My opinion is that you are in a better position for the new
> license now with no past releases under the old license.  But I'm not
> doing anything to stop you from doing such a ASL1.1 release.

After reading the answer to my concerns about a release, I am +1 too.

Also, is a good idea to release with the ASL 2.0. Anyway we will need to
change the license in 5 days and it will be fine to make the change before
the release.


Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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