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From Brendan Boesen <brendan.boe...@hesageek.com.au>
Subject Re: Questions and maybe some fixes
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 12:35:39 GMT

> Mhh, getCollectionByQuery is expected to produce completely 
> materialized objects. they should exactly look like objects 
> materialized by getObjectByIdentity calls!
> If this is not the case it's bug.
> But I+m sure this is covered by our junit tests. So are you really 
> sure that there are no problems with the settings of the auto-retrieve 
> attributes of your reference- and collection-descriptors?

I'll definitely have to look into this further.  I must be doing 
something wrong but my tests start running ok once I get rid of 
object-cacheing and connection-pooling.  Weird.

> Brendan, If you post me a patched version of PlatformOracle9iImpl I'll 
> add your fixes to the code base!

Ok, thanks.  It may be a little while in coming though.


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