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From Armin Waibel <ar...@code-au-lait.de>
Subject [1.1 Proposal] Introduce an IdentityFactory
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 21:01:22 GMT
Hi all,

I propose to introduce an IdentityFactory class by a service method in 
PB (think some users made a similar proposal in the past):


IdentityFactory will simplify the creation of Identity objects and will 
make find by primary key much easier.

Currently user have to create a Identity object on its own and do
(assume we use a single PK per class)

Object[] pkValueArray = new Object[]{new Integer(4711)};
Class topLevelClass = broker.getTopLevelClass(realClass);
Identity oid = new Identity(realClass, topLevelClass, pkValueArray)
Object result = broker.getObjectByIdentity(Identity oid)

The creation of the Identity object is a mess!
With the new service class same example look like

Identity oid = broker.serviceIdentityFactory.buildIdentity(realClass, 
new Integer(4711));
Object result = broker.getObjectByIdentity(Identity oid)

Any comments?


public interface IdentityFactory
     Identity buildIdentity(Object obj);

     Identity buildIdentity(ClassDescriptor cld, Object obj);

     Identity buildIdentity(Class realClass, Class topLevelClass, 
String[] pkFieldName, Object[] pkValues);

     Identity buildIdentity(Class realClass, String[] fieldName, 
Object[] pkValues);

     Identity buildIdentity(Class realClass, Object pkValue);

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