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From Martin Kalén <martin.ka...@curalia.se>
Subject Re: What to do with old OJB Issues ?
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 18:16:04 GMT
Mahler Thomas wrote:

>>I could have a look at some of the most obvious obsoleted 
>>Oracle issues 
>>in Scarab.
> That would be great!

Happy to wrap up the Oracle stuff for 1.0 release!

> closing them in Scarab is fine! 
> If something was repaired by a bugfix the status should be "fixed".
> If the issue has become obsolete (non-reproducable) the status should be set
> to "invalid"

OK; I've now gone through all open issues with "oracle" in the 
description and tested/closed all but these:
OJB73 - not really Oracle specific but more a MySQL issue?
OJB170 - attached a patch that resolves the issue if applied
OJB234 - attached a patch to fix criteria.addLike(String) for Oracle 
DATE, but still discussing with Mr. first class if this is what he meant 
in the report (the patch is an improvement, but might require more code?).

In the comments for OJB170 I wrote that it's not really feasible to 
solve all issues with Oracle thin in the old platform impl. (Better to 
base it on Matthew Baird's work in the new 9iImpl, IMO). With the patch 
to check if using thin, the old platform will throw an exception when 
binding unsafe values and also hint in the exception description that 
using the new platform impl might resolv the issue.

I have picked up the BLOB-patches from Erik Forkalsrud and contacted 
Matthew Baird to discuss the PlatformOracle9iImpl. Hopefully the joint 
effort will result in a 9i implementation that resolves the 2k and 4k 
limits with Oracle thin once and for all. :-)

Latest by the end of this week the reworked 9iImpl should be ready.


Martin Kalén
Curalia AB              Web:  http://www.curalia.se
Orrspelsvägen 2B        Mail: info@curalia.se
SE-182 79  Stocksund    Tel:  +46-8-410 064 40

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