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From David Forslund <...@lanl.gov>
Subject Re: [ann] new release 1.0 RC5
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2003 17:03:35 GMT
I downloaded the source for RC5 and did a build which worked fine (after 
loading j2ee.jar and jdo.jar into the lib directory).  I also did a build junit
which worked, but when I tried a build jar, it fails with the following:

     [javac] Compiling 580 source files to 
     [javac] Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
     [javac] Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details.
     [javac] Compiling 242 source files to 
     [javac] Compiling 10 source files to 
org.apache.ojb.otm.connector.OTMJCAManagedConnectionFactory is not abstract 
and does not override abstract method 
setResourceAdapter(javax.resource.spi.ResourceAdapter) in 
     [javac] public class OTMJCAManagedConnectionFactory
     [javac]        ^
     [javac] 1 error

file:C:/Java/db-ojb-1.0.rc5/build.xml:260: Compile failed; see the compiler 
r output for details.

Total time: 3 minutes 6 seconds

Is there some dependency I'm missing in using jar as the target?


At 02:03 PM 12/14/2003, Thomas Mahler wrote:
>Dear all,
>After a long time of preparation we finally managed to assemble a new 
>release of OJB.
>We fixed a lot of bugs and we also improved the performance for all APIs.
>This is the last release candidate for 1.0. If no major bugs are detected 
>within the next two weeks this release will be relabled as 1.0.
>We will provide a maintenance branch to provide those users with fixes who 
>wish to stay with a frozen 1.0 version. No new features will be 
>implemented in the maintenance branch.
>All new features and enhancements will be made in a new 1.1 branch.
>Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen!
>from the release notes:
>ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB) is an Object/Relational mapping tool that
>provides transparent transactional persistence for Java Objects against
>relational databases. OJB provides ODMG and JDO interfaces.
>Release 1.0 rc5
>This is the last planned rc before the 1.0 release. If there are no major
>bugs this release will be relabled as 1.0 after two weeks.
>- With this release we are feature complete for the 1.0 release!
>For 1.0 you should not expect more features to be added.
>- slight changes in repository.dtd, OJB.properties were made
>- internal kernel interface method signature changed:
>in JdbcAccess two method signatures change
>in StatementManagerIF one method signature change
>These changes are necessary to fix a "design bug" in handling
>of jdbc type metadata. See discussion on dev-list "[VOTE] Design bug fixed 
>- check in?"
>- ObjectCache implementation classes constructor arguments change. We
>now pass a Properties argument too. Allows to set configuration properties
>for each ObjectCache instance
>- changed the JDORI plugin to now use the latest 1.0.1 version of the JDO 
>reference implementation.
>- OJB is now very strict in handling RsIterator instances. RsIterator is
>bound very closely to the used PersistenceBroker instance.
>Thus if you do a
>call, the current <tt>RsIterator</tt> instance resources will be cleaned 
>up automatic
>and invalidate current instance.
>- add possibility to declare ObjectCache implementation on class-descriptor
>and jdbc-connection-descriptor level (means per class and per database 
>connection) too
>- add a new interface called org.apache.ojb.odmg.TransactionExt
>to make additional proprietary methods available for user by
>casting org.odmg.Transaction to TransactionExt
>- behaviour of org.odmg.Transaction#checkpoint() changed. Now the
>database transaction was commited when checkpoint was called, seems this
>is more in unison with ODMG spec:
>" Calling checkpoint commits persistent object modifications made within the
>transaction since the last checkpoint to the database."
>If you want to flush persistent object
>modifications made within the ODMG transaction to the underlying database
>transaction without commit the changes (old behaviour of checkpoint()),
>please cast Transaction to TransactionExt and use new method flush().
>- make odmg collections pluggable via OJB.properties file
>- Restructuring and further enhancements of the documentation.
>Please refer to our Bug tracking site under
>http://scarab.werken.com/scarab/issues/id/OJBxxx to see details for a bug
>with id OJBxxx.
>- fix ClassLoader problem when merging DescriptorRepository instances
>- fixed the JDORI problems with loading object via extend based queries.
>   now objects are brought under JDO control and equipped with a statemanager
>   in the load process.
>enJoy the new release,
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