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From Thomas Mahler <thm...@web.de>
Subject CollectionProxy problems
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 18:51:56 GMT
Hi all,

I've been currently trying to assist a user who uses his own derived 
versions of CollectionProxies.

We observeed a locking situation in the following setup:

1. One thread starts a very long running broker query.

2. In a second query perform some actions that trigger the resolution of 
a collection proxy.

3. Thread 2 hangs until thread 1 is finished. It continues to work (i.e. 
materialize the proxy) once thread 1 is finished.

The evil seems to be in CollectionProxy.getBroker:

    protected synchronized PersistenceBroker getBroker() throws 
         PersistenceBroker broker;
         if (getBrokerKey() == null)
             if no PBKey is set we throw an exception, because we don't
             know which PB (connection) should be used.
             throw new OJBRuntimeException("Can't find associated PBKey. 
Need PBKey to obtain a valid" +
                     "PersistenceBroker instance from intern resources.");

//**** this seems to cause the problem
         // first try to use the current threaded broker to avoid blocking
         broker = 
//**** problem zone end

         // current broker not found, create a intern new one
         if(broker == null)
             if (m_broker == null)
                 m_broker = 
                 // TODO: Better way?
                 needsClose = true;
                 broker = m_broker;
         return broker;

If we comment out the marked line everything works fine!

I don't understand the original comment
// first try to use the current threaded broker to avoid blocking

in what way could the usage of the currently bound broker instance help 
to avoid which kind of blocking?

Before changing the mentioned line I'd prefer to understand the 

As I could see with my very eyes that two separate thread suffered a 
locking situation I got some doubts about the 

Is it really a safe thing to use? any ideas?


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