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From Martin Kalén <martin.ka...@curalia.se>
Subject Re: [OJB] Issue #OJB227 - Patch to allow access to DBCP underlying connections
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 19:48:04 GMT
Greetings developers,

> Issue ID
>  OJB227 (Patch to allow access to DBCP underlying connections)

Sorry for sneaking in a reactivation of the "database-repository" 
element in repository.dtd with this patch - please split the patch if 
this is reason not to commit the changes for DBCP.

Why I "threw in" the database-repository stuff as well is that we are 
dependant on this for calls to:
in our use of OJB per-thread-profiles.

I would desperately like _not_ to see this support go away in the 
upcoming 1.0 release. :-)

Running "ant clean junit" gives regression test failures. Since Armin 
Waibel noted that there are some current failures beeing worked on at 
the moment and my own observation that these failures were the same 
before and after applying patch OJB227, I assume that the patch does not 
cause additional failures. The patch should be transparent since the 
default setting of access-to-underlying-connection="false".

About the DBCP-stuff in general; a lot of warnings about deprecated 
abandoned connection stuff come from here. Abandoned connection handling 
is about the only reason why we want DBCP in favor of the 
ConnectionFactoryPooledImpl in OJB. While i was at it with the 
ConnectionFactoryDBCPImpl, I searched the latest DBCP JavaDocs for 
replacements but all I could find was "Deprecated. This will be removed 
in a future version of DBCP." which sounded pretty scary...

On the other hand, a mail posted on 3 Oct 2003 to commons-user says:
"From: Dirk Verbeeck
Daryl Stultz wrote:
 > I've got the 1.1 RC and AbandondedConfig is deprecated (what is the
 > alternative?).
The feature will probably remain in future releases but the 
implementation may be refactored if needed.
But it is safe to use."

So I take it that as far as OJB and ConnectionFactoryDBCPImpl are 
concered it is safe to use... I should probably elaborate on this on 
commons-user (if I had a bit more time!), but at least you know now why 
I didn't do anything about all those deprecated features beeing used in 


Martin Kalén
Curalia AB              Web:  http://www.curalia.se
Orrspelsvägen 2B        Mail: info@curalia.se
SE-182 79  Stocksund    Tel:  +46-8-410 064 40

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