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From Brian McCallister <mccallis...@forthillcompany.com>
Subject XDoclet Module (and other tools)
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 15:03:51 GMT
I have been in discussion with Thomas Dudziak (OJB XDoclet module 
developer), Erik Hatcher (XDoclet (and Ant)), and Andrew Stevens 
(XDoclet) trying to find a home for Thomas's work.

Erik and Andrew both feel that the best place is in the OJB repository, 
or rather, outside of XDoclet as the XDoclet team is apparently trying 
to push all the "included" modules out and get the various vendors to 
maintain them directly. Andrew indicated that he would be willing to 
check it in for the 1.X branch, but that the 1.X branch isn't going to 
be around past the next release -- and for 2.0 they are apparently 
trying to push the vendor specific (which OJB falls under) modules back 
out to the vendors to maintain and only include core stuff (generic 
EJB, servlet, etc, I imagine) in their repository.

Right now we are keeping a jar in the contrib project of our cvs 
repository -- I would like to find a place to put the source under CVS 
as well. I think that helping keep tool support up to date and easily 
available is important for OJB's larger acceptance, so we should think 
about this some.

As the number of tools in the OJB repository is growing I think it 
might be good to consider their appropriate homes. This includes the 
reversedb, xdoclet module, middlegen module, etc.

So, some options that I see:

1) Create a tools CVS module under OJB and give them their own build 
2) Create an ojb-tools project analogous to velocity-tools
3) Host at java.net or SF and prominently advertise them on the OJB site

2 doesn't seem completely appropriate
1 keeps communication open and makes it easier to distribute things 
3 allows for easier licensing flexibility for things like the OSCache 


PS: I use the XDoclet module at work and it is great =)

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