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From David Warnock <da...@sundayta.com>
Subject Re: Patch merging process
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:02:29 GMT

> Also for the patches I submit, how do I know when they've been checked in?

All commits are emailed automatically to this list, look for message 
subjects starting with "cvs commit"

Most likely a committer will put a message on the list if they accept 
your patch so that 2 people don't start applying it.

> I've been trying to figure out how to maintain the changes I make, plus 
> the changes being made,
> ~ without losing the changes I made, and keep on going with changes I 
> want to submit.
> Am I making any sense?
> Right now I've got a bunch of files modified, and I don't see my matches 
> in, so I can't  do a clean update so I can keep going with fixes.

if you do a

cvs -q update

then your changes will not be lost, all the files you have changed will 
show up as M (modified), when a patch is applied cvs will work out that 
your changes are now in the master copy and the M flag will disappear.

All you need to know is which files marked M you have sent in patches for.

Note that many of the committers are in Europe and tend to do OJB stuff 
during the day, mon to fri.

You might also try sending the patches as an email attachment rather 
than on your website (although also maintaining a complete set of 
patches not yet applied on your website might be useful to the committers).

Yes this will feel clumsy for a while, once you get started with 
committers I think you will find it quite OK, it always takes a while to 
get going initially though. Also when your patch message attracts a 
discussion then I find that the original purpose of the message gets 
easily lost. So I would then start a new thread with the patch attached 
again (revised to take into account any changes from the thread).


David Warnock, Sundayta Ltd. http://www.sundayta.com
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