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From "Robert S. Sfeir" <rob...@codepuccino.com>
Subject Re: First changes
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2003 17:17:09 GMT
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Wow, you don't know how helpful this is :-)  Thanks so much.

I'll look at the links.


david wrote:
| Robert,
|> (Third time is a charm, I guess anything over 100k won't be accepted by
|> the mail server... that's gonna suck for larger changes)
| As a user (and very tiny contributor of a couple of patches) thanks for
| starting to contribute to OJB.
|> Ok folks, I did a couple of quick first changes which I've included in
|> this zip file.
|> I can do alot more of course, but before I embarq on a lot of changes I
|> wanted to submit this and get comments back on whether I'm doing things
|> right, and if I'm even changing things which matter to this group.
|> I've kept the package structure, and removed my CVS dirs, wasn't sure if
|> that
|> should be there.
|> Included are about 10 java files changed a bit... not much.  I only
|> touched files in the src/java directory
| Generally it is going to be easier for you to get your contributions
| accepted bu one of the committers if you can provide them as patches
| rather than replacement files.
| The process is documented at
| http://jakarta.apache.org/site/source.html#Patches and also as a small
| part of http://apache.org/dev/contributors.html
| Essentially the idea is to send just the changes you have made. Patch
| creates plain text files which anyone can apply to their own copy of the
| source code.  There are big advantages to doing this for everyone
| concerned. They include
| - size: The patches will be a lot smaller
| - version: It will usually not matter if other changes have been made at
| a similar time by someone else. This means the committer can potentially
| apply your patch to a newer version of the code (particularly important
| on non apache projects that use sourceforge where the anonymous cvs can
| be a day or two out of date).
| - safety: When you supply a .java file the committer cannot be certain
| if this is the latest version or not. It might also have different line
| endings to their copy (for example if you edited on windows and they use
| unix).
| - review: As the patch will be small and in text people generally on the
| list will be able to directly read it and see what you have done. That
| means mistakes as well as good ideas will get more notice which is good.
| In summary if you can provide patches then the work of the committer
| will be reduced, the risks to the project will be reduced and therefore
| your work is much more likely to be accepted.
|> Feedback will be wonderful so I know if I'm started in the right
|> direction.
| I don't have the latest source on this machine so can't comment on the
| specific changes you have made.
|> P.S.  BTW, what does it take to become a commiter?
| Formally a vote by existing committers (I think you need 1 nominator and
| a couple of +1 votes and no -1 votes). Typically that would happen after
| establishing a track record of quality patches and would be proposed by
| the existing committers rather than requested.
| Hope this helps, and thanks again for your contribution to OJB.
| Regards
| Dave
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