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From Armin Waibel <ar...@code-au-lait.de>
Subject Do we really need LoadedObjectsRegistry?
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:00:36 GMT
Hi all,

while try to fix an odmg test case I
stumble across LoadedObjectRegistry (LOR)used
in the odmg-api.
A comment in this class says:

* This is a helper class which registers all objects loaded
  * from database. It is used by ODMG layer to determine the state of
  * objects: if an object was not loaded from database then it is new.
  * Note: objects remain registered even after they are deleted. This
  * is necessary to prevent creation of deleted objects by another
  * thread, see <a 
  * for details.

I read (is this the same message?)

and found


so LoadedObjectRegistry was not needed to solve this problem.

  * is necessary to prevent creation of deleted objects by another
  * thread
I think this problem couldn't be solved by LoadedObjectRegistry.
If an application server is used all objects will be serialized
and we never will find the "same" object in LOR.
Or in an clustered environment this will not work too, because
LOR is not a distributed service.

But if I comment out LOR the test case will be fixed.

Any arguments against removing this service?


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