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From David Corbin <dcor...@machturtle.com>
Subject Cleaning up (threads)
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:24:28 GMT
It has come to my attention, that OJB is not cleaning up after itself 
correctly.  One mistake is that PersistenceBrokerFactoryDefaultImpl calls 
brokerPool.clear() instead of brokerPool.close().  I'll be providing a patch 
for it shortly.

The fundamental difference here, is that the evicition thread is not 
terminated in the former and is in the latter.

There is, I think, a similar problem for the ConnectionFactoryPooledImpl.  
While the method releaseAllResources() correctly calls the close() method on 
the connection pools, no one seems to ever call releaseAllResources().

The question is, should this be called from 
PersistenceBrokerFactory#releaseAllInstances, or should it be called from the 
application?  If the former, I'll supply that patch too.


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