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From Mahler Thomas <thomas.mah...@itellium.com>
Subject RC5 or 1.0 ?
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 07:45:36 GMT
Hi all,

there has been a user request when RC5 or a final release will be ready.
I'm asking the same question to myself ;-)

My first question is should it be another RC5 or should we surprise our
users with a 1.0?

I'd like to see a 1.0 release rather sooner than later. IMO a 1.0 is just
another tag to a CVS HEAD and not some magic ultimate bugfree version of our

I think having a 1.0 version could reduce some pressure and exaggerated
expectations about a "final" version.

I think that we did manage to reduce the number of severe bugs over the last
month and that there won't be any benefits of yet another RC.
even if we have a RC5 and RC6 there will be a 1.0x version fixing problems
of the 1.0 version.
What do you think?

The next question is about timing. when should we have the next public
I'm happy to assemble a new release whenever it seems appropriate. 
So I'd like to hear your suggestions.


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