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From "Matthew Baird" <Matthew.Ba...@motiva.com>
Subject RE: Fw: OJB+BLOB Oracle
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 16:46:31 GMT
If you search the list, you will find that I have implemented CLOB/BLOB support for oracle
using the thin driver for objects larger than 4k.
The final bit of work needed to make this work is something I needed help from one of the
other developers on. It requires a bit of a refactoring of an area I'm not as familiar with.
Once that's done, BLOBS and CLOBS will work seamlessly with the Oracle driver.

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	From: Per-Olof Noren [mailto:pelle@alma.nu] 
	Sent: Mon 10/27/2003 6:45 AM 
	To: ojb-dev@db.apache.org 
	Subject: Re: Fw: OJB+BLOB Oracle

	Hi Rogerio,
	Storing BLOB's in Oracle is a real mess.
	The reason for this is that the jdbc spec leaves room for interpretation
	regarding BLOB's and Oracle's interpretation differs from what would be
	the "natural" interpretation.
	Storing BLOB's work as expected (to my knowledge) only with the the OCI
	There has been several initiatives on solutions and since I switched to
	use the oci driver I haven't monitored the development any further.
	We used a simple mapping without conversion, the bean contained a byte[]
	<field-descriptor column="binary_column" id="2" jdbc-type="BLOB"
	name="binaryValue" nullable="true"/>
	Per-Olof Norén
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