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From Armin Waibel <ar...@code-au-lait.de>
Subject Re: Doc Priorities
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 10:08:42 GMT
Hi Brian,

Brian McCallister wrote:
> I'm about to have more free time again and plan on diving into the docs 
> in a big way
great news!!

> (so that I can start filling in stubs in the JDO impl with 
> a clear conscious). What do people see as the biggest outstanding holes 
> in the docs that we want filled before 1.0?
> My current plan of action:
> JDO Tutorial
> Remove references throughout to "tutorial1" "tutorial2" etc
> Reorganize docs some (the left hand navbar is getting a bit unwieldy)
+1 agree, think it's a pain for new user to find appropriate docs
> Replace the intro tutorials linked now with the new ones
> Step through the docs etc pretending I *am* a brand new user and see how 
> easy it makes it.
> OTM Tutorial (not linked until after 1.0)
+1 for all (Brian, this sounds like really much work ;-))

> I know Armin has mentioned working on the ObjectCache docs in the 
> foreseeable future, and I want to encourage him ;-), so other than 
> those, what else is *known* to need attention?

here some notes from my todo list
Feel free to diving in:

- What does OJB pool. Describe pooling
of PB instances in default PBF and pooling
of connections in the ConnectionFactory
(there is a note in FAQ about connection pooling)

- Participate in PB-api. PBStateListener tx listener, 
PBLifeCycleListener and PersistenceBrokerAware object life-cycle
listener (There is a section called 'instance callback'
in tutorial3.xml describe use of PersistenceBrokerAware).

- Metadata handling. Start metadata.xml some weeks ago.
How to read metadata at runtime, how to change metadata
at runtime

- Better describtion of the 'refresh' attribute
in class-descriptor, reference-descriptor, ... (
currently only a note in repository.xml)

- Better description of 'useAutoCommit' property
(notes in repository.xml and OJB.properties)

- Some words to the "pluggability concept" of OJB.
How to modify OJB, write own classes

(- a user suggestion: make a section header for each
attribute in repository.xml)

How much free time you have? ;-)


> -Brian

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