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From Per-Olof Noren <pe...@alma.nu>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Infrastructure change
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 12:23:14 GMT
On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 17:24, Thomas Mahler wrote:
> Hi Per-Olof,
> Per-Olof Noren wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > Given the problems using scarab that people (including myself) 
> I agree, scarab can be a real PITA.
> > seems to
> > be having, I would like to propose that OJB switches to using the apache
> > standard bugzilla instead. 
> Mhh. When we launched OJB at Jakarta everybody told us:
> "Do not use Bugzilla, it's dying and will be replaced by Scarab completely.
> Use Scarab, it has a much better feature set and over time all apache 
> projects will move to scarab."
> So I'm a bit sceptic about switching back to bugzilla.


> > Bugzilla probably isn't the better product,
> > but people knows how to operate it and is use to it.
> > I think (based on lurking on coccon-dev) that the infrastructure guys
> > would be more than happy to help us with this?
> I'd like to see a clear statement by the infrastructure team like
> "Bugzilla is the recoomended bug tracking solution at Apache. Scarab is 
> not recommended and won't be supported."

I'm not subscribed to infrastructure@ but they do have an opinion on

> My point is that it's not fun to switch infrastructure each week. We got 
> very bad press for the infrastructure changes for the mail-list archives 
> some month ago.
> I'd be more than happy to not repeat this expereience.

I can see your point, although i do believe that if we were to let them
know how we feel and what we'd like to do, they'll help us out with no
friction. It's a little community building that is needed.

I'm not pursing this until end of days, but I am willing to invest a
little time in it because I feel that our community here would benefit
from it. :-)


Per-Olof Norén

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