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From Brian McCallister <mccallis...@forthillcompany.com>
Subject Re: Doc Priorities
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 14:18:05 GMT
Same idea, yeah. I finally learned something about writing XML schema 
and figure I need to do something with it soon or I'll forget it all, 
so a good schema for OJB seems like an option, particularly as it will 
be very helpful (a schema lets IDEA do auto-completion in XML editing 
as well, much better than an DTD).

As ant supports an xml validation task, having it validate the junit 
repositories before execution, or turning on validation for the parser 
used by OJB, would force us to keep it up to date as well...


On Friday, October 31, 2003, at 09:06 AM, Armin Waibel wrote:

> Hi again,
> Brian McCallister wrote:
>> Comments in line on a couple things...
>>> - What does OJB pool. Describe pooling
>>> of PB instances in default PBF and pooling
>>> of connections in the ConnectionFactory
>>> (there is a note in FAQ about connection pooling)
>> Agreed. The behavior of pooling, what holds resources, what doesn't, 
>> etc is important for people to know.
>>> - Metadata handling. Start metadata.xml some weeks ago.
>>> How to read metadata at runtime, how to change metadata
>>> at runtime
>> Good! I have been thinking more and more about how to make the 
>> metadata easier to work with. One thing in particular I am 
>> considering doing is writing an xml schema for the repository in 
>> order to catch snafus before it gets parsed.
> Do you mean something like the outdated "repository verifier"?
> http://db.apache.org/ojb/repository.html#the repository verifier
>> Aside from that, we need to be able to pull metadata from JDO 
>> compiled-in-metadata in the (hopefully soon) future.
>>> How much free time you have? ;-)
>> Well, my girlfriend is going to be away every weekend in November and 
>> half of December, the sailing season is over as the boat hit a wreck 
>> and needs to be dry-docked, and the proverbial "they" don't make me 
>> work weekends so... I need *something* to fill my weekends until 
>> winter gets here ;-)
> I love your girl-friend and the ominous wreck, both good for OJB ;-)
> Armin
>> -Brian
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