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From "Stephan Merker" <Stephan.Mer...@cegedim.fr>
Subject Re: repost, RE: how to implement a TwoLevelCache
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 07:28:12 GMT

I've implemented a TwoLevelCache that works for distributed transactions
(JTA). I'm using the OTM copy strategy for cloning objects when they are
copied from the global cache to a tx local cache. The implementation has a
dependency to Tyrex (an open source transaction manager) in order to access
the current transaction. This dependency could be removed by using sort of
an Tx provider plug-in, that can be implemented for different tx managers.

The cache was implemented against OJB CVS HEAD from 2003-07-14 (just before
RC4), so it still uses the old cache interfaces. It works well for OJB +
Tyrex + Oracle 9i. However, I've not tested proxies. Before using the cache,
you should set a suitable copy strategy (default is no-op).

I've attached the source. Maybe it is of some help.


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