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From "Matthew Baird" <Matthew.Ba...@motiva.com>
Subject RE: cvs commit: db-ojb/src/jca/org/apache/ojb/otm/connector OTMJCAConnection.java
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 21:31:24 GMT
Yes! Extra special thanks to Oleg and Raghu.
We're not that far away from a working implementation. I figure it should only take about
a week to get the whole thing working, with the exception of the enhancer. I'm not sure I
know exactly how to build a proper enhancer yet, but it doesn't look like it'll be too hard.
If anyone has any ideas on this, pitch in!
I've got some interesting ideas for the connector so you can use any of the object-level APIs
(OTM, ODMG, JDO) in a mix-and-match fashion. I wouldn't recommend using the PB api in a container.
We still need to refactor the ODMG to use the OTM, that's not high on my list, maybe someone
with more ODMG experience can take a shot at it.

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	From: Thomas Mahler [mailto:thma32@web.de] 
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	Subject: Re: cvs commit: db-ojb/src/jca/org/apache/ojb/otm/connector OTMJCAConnection.java

	Hi Matthew,
	>   Added:       src/java/org/apache/ojb/jdo
	>                         PersistenceManagerFactoryImpl.java
	>                         TransactionImpl.java QueryImpl.java
	>                         StateManagerImpl.java JDOConstants.java
	>                         ExtentImpl.java PersistenceManagerImpl.java
	>   Log:
	>   Initial add for the JDO stuff build on top of the OTM. Required some refactorings
in the OTM, but nothing serious. NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME.
	Wow! That's really exciting.
	I didn't believe my eyes when I filed in your changes in eclipse 5
	minutes ago.
	But it's real code!
	It demonstrates that all the work on OTM was well spent and that our own
	JDO implementation begins to take shape.
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