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From Jeremy Wilkerson <jjwilker...@ubtanet.com>
Subject auto-update with ODMG
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 20:03:11 GMT
Unless I'm doing something wrong, it seems that auto-update collections 
don't work correctly with the ODMG api. Is there a known problem?

I'm using implicit locking (LockAssociations=READ). If I add an object 
to a Collection that uses auto-update, then I call the (new) 
Transaction#checkpoint method, the object is stored in the database, as 
one would expect.  But then if I make modifications to that object later 
in the same transaction, those modifications are not saved to the 
database when I call checkpoint or commit.

I found a work-around, which is to set the collections as auto-delete 
but not auto-update, then explicity acquire a read lock on every object 
in every collection. But it seems that this doesn't work either if I 
delete an object and add an object at the same time.

I would be happy to try to track down the problem when I have time, but 
I thought maybe someone more familiar with the OJB code could fix this 
very easily.

Jeremy Wilkerson

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