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From Thomas Mahler <thm...@web.de>
Subject just say no to unused imports !
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 13:08:28 GMT
Dear committers,

I just removed several unused import statements.
Sure, an unused import statement is not a big deal.
But some time ago we agreed to keep our code free of them.

So, when you check in some code, please make sure there are no unused 
imports in it.

Another common problem with import statements:
To provide JDK 1.2 compatibility we ship a special proxy.jar that 
contains a JDK1.2 replacement of the JDK1.3 and later dynamic proxies.

To enable the usage of these proxies we use preprocessor switches that 
activate the proper import statements, as in the following example:

//#ifdef JDK13
import java.lang.reflect.Proxy;
import com.develop.java.lang.reflect.Proxy;

If a file contains such a section, please do not use IDE features like 
"organize imports" in Eclipse. They won't care for the switches and make 
the file unusable for JDK1.2.


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