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From "Spräner, Carsten" <Carsten.Sprae...@viadee.de>
Subject Mapping One Class One Table Second Edition
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 13:31:32 GMT
Hey all,

finaly we got it working (nearly)! Just one peace is missing. 
We have the following situation. Logically we have to Classes


 B derived from A

Physically we use a generator where every class is derived from a generated class. Thus we
have the situation:


 AImpl derived from AGenerated

 BGenerated derived from AImpl

 BImpl derived from BGenereated

The generator only mapps the Class AImpl and BImpl to the tables TAB_A and TAB_B. 
When OJB 1.0RC3 starts it says that BImpl is not a subclass of AImpl and gives an error. Looking
to the code it retrieves the direct superclass of BImpl and finds BGenerated. Is this correct
or should'nt it be: 

Is AImpl assignable from BImpl?

Which works in our case at least for the reading of the repository.xml.

Is this structure of Impl<-Generated<-Impl<-Generated possible at all in OJB or MUST
the subclass be derived directly from the superclass?

Thank you for any answer and of course for developing OJB.


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