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From Brian McCallister <mccallis...@forthillcompany.com>
Subject Re: OJB 2.0
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 21:29:21 GMT

On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 01:35 PM, Leandro Rodrigo Saad Cruz wrote:

> 5 - Improved documentation
> Both, user and developer documentation should be improved.
> I think its a good idea to choose a case tool to generate some diagrams
> for developer and user documentation,

I am semi-actively working on this one - though I have been avoiding 
touching Thomas's core docs.

What kind of diagrams you looking for?

Developer targeted UML'ish stuff tends to be out of date too often to 
be very useful, and auto-generated isn't realistically useful because 
it either includes too much (everything), or breaks when code is 
changed and inclusion/exclusion rules are not changed. Clear code does 
more here than anything else in my experience.

End user targeted UML'ish stuff can be helpful - though I would argue 
for generating this once feature freeze is hit and the code in a stable 
state interface wise (like now). Otherwise it is out of date too fast. 
Assuming stable interfaces for the end user. The way that OJB works I 
haven't seen much use for classic diagrams on the user side - it is a 
pretty simple API. The configuration is much trickier (with flexibility 
comes confusion) than coding once it is configured. One thing that 
immediately come to mind are diagrams of default auto update/delete 
semantics for references, collections, and M-to-N's for the different 
API's as that seems to be a common user list question.


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