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From "Florian Bruckner" <...@florianbruckner.com>
Subject AW: reversedb-2: looking for idea
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 09:52:17 GMT
Hi Anthony,

> I guess I will have some time now to give some effort to the
> reversedb2. As
> a  first step, I will not try to be ambitious and just to float it.

good to hear!

> Before I start I wonder if there is anyway that the reversedb can
> reuse any
> component in ojb which currently take care of the processing of the
> repository*.xml. My idea is to create a closer tie of reversedb's xml
> generation to the ojb codebase.

The code in reversedb-2 for reading the repository is based on an older
version of OJB. AFAIK Armin did a lot of refactoring in the repository code
and commented the pieces of code in reverse-db2 that were breaking the
build. So this part of reversedb2 is completely broken now. I do not know
the details of the current OJB repository handling, but we should use this
code at least to read a repository.xml. When it comes to writing a
repository.xml file I do not know whether this is still included in the code
(before the refactoring took place it was).


> For last few months I did not see anyone posted here saying he/she is
> working on reversedb2. If actually someone has started working on it but I
> just failed to read it from the newgroup, it is my fault. I would be very
> happy to see how I can assist in the development if it is already
> undertaken
> by someone else.

The last change I made was applying your changes to reversedb. I haven't
touched reversedb-2 for a while.

> Regards,
> Anthony


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