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From "Florian Bruckner" <...@florianbruckner.com>
Subject AW: mapping workbench
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 07:44:01 GMT
Hi Mauricio,

> 1 If it someone has a list of features and the priority of each.

Not really, there were some discussions which functionality should go into
such a tool, but there has never been a vote on a feature list.

> 2 If the is reusable code in the package org.apache.ojb.tools.

There is. Take a look at org.apache.ojb.tools.reversedb. This package
contains a simple reverse engineering tool which I wrote to make myself
familiar with the metadata interface of JDBC and how it works with various
drivers. While this tool is very limited by its design (or lets say
non-design), the package org.apache.ojb.tools.reversedb2 contains a rough
design/prototype for a tool that should be easier to use and more flexible
when it comes to enhancing it.

There were also approaches to extend already existing tools (I forgot which
one), but I didn't follow that development and I do not know the state of
the project.

> 3 If there are documents not listed in the web site that are helpful.

Not that I know of.

> 4 Someone has something to say ;)




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