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From "Florian Bruckner" <...@florianbruckner.com>
Subject AW: Mapping workbench, finally
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 07:55:33 GMT
Hi Larry,

>   Since I'm one of the "perpetrators" I'll respond with my needs.

I hope you didn't take my accusations personal, I didn't want to offend

> We have a project with a pre-existing database, we also have a crufty
> tool that takes a UML model and generates java code. So, my role is to
> create a persistence layer that maps the classes to the tables.
> For this, I
> needed a tool that would:
>   1. Display a list of tables in the db
>   2. Display the list of java classes
>   3. Pick a class and a table and create a map for that pair by
>      identifying which attributes matches which column. It should be
>      able to map PK, prmitives, Object references, and Collections.
>   4. Some nice features are saving the xml mapping as a single
>      file, or one file per class.
>   5. Highlighting classes/tables that are unmapper, or partially
>      mapped (the tool I wrote doesn't do this)
>   6. "Re-integrate" the java classes or database tables if either
>      of them change (another hopeful)
>   7. Customize the properties for a specific mapping (down to
>      attribute-column level)

This requirements list is a good start for one vital component of a mapping
workbench, bringing existing code together with an existing database.

> The tool I wrote does all but 5&6 which I may end up adding
> shortly. For me,
> this tools is going to save me a lot of time and effort *right now* which
> is why I wrote it.

There is no need for justification. I am sure you have your reasons for
writing this tool now. But on the other hand, you are not the first coming
up with exactly those needs. Now that you have already written a tool that
does much of what you want it to do, you gained a lot of experience in this
area. The most important question is, are you willing to bring in your
experience in an effort to create our "Grand Unified Mapping Tool"?

> BTW, I didn't realize the Reversedb2 was there, my loss...

Doesn't work anyway, you haven't missed anything. ;-)



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