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From Mahler Thomas <thomas.mah...@itellium.com>
Subject RE: Problem with Mailing List Archive
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 15:13:02 GMT
Hi Torsten,

> Hi!
> As far as I know lots of people have complained about that 
> before, but as we
> all know the link on the OJB site to the mailing list archive 
> is wrong in
> that it links to "ojb-dev@jakarta.apache.org" rather than
> "ojb-dev@db.apache.org". Is it so difficult to fix that?!?!

The person in charge told me that he will place my request to get the list
repaired on his todo list.
But that he is *very* busy and can't tell when it's online again. 
> As we all learned correcting the URL manually will take you 
> to the archive,
> but then it comes to the problem that I can search for 
> archived mails, get a
> list of subjects but cannot view the actual contant all I see is
> "$msgHeaders" in the place where I would expect the message text.
> If noone else has time I volunteer to fix this if someone 
> authorizes me to

you will have to contact root@apache.org to get this permissions. But I
doubt that they will give them to you.

> do so, but this is very annoying and will probably lead to a 
> lot of people
> flooding the list with issues that have been discussed 
> already just because they
> have no chance to find out.

I updated the site on monday morning. We now have temporay link to:

I hope this will keep users happy for the time being.

> Unfortunately also mail-archive.com carries ojb-user but not ojb-dev!



> Torsten
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