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From Per-Olof Norén <pe...@alma.nu>
Subject OJBRuntimeException issue
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 13:12:53 GMT
Hello comitters,
I posted a patch a few weeks ago:
I have haven´t heard *any* comment on this, and since I see some 
activity on the list regarding other issues, I´m taking my chances.
So by this mail  I´d like point out two things:
1. That the issue exists (and has a patch attached to fix it)
2. It blocks us from using the latest and greatest (this is of course 
not important for the project, but for me.....)

The problem occurs when one tries to access Orcale SDO columns, which 
translates into java.sql.Types.STRUCT.
In FieldDescriptor and SqlHelper the Types.STRUCT is not included in the 
switch-statement and therefore an Exception is thrown.

As previously stated I´m very keen on getting this into the main trunk 
and if I can help out in any way, let me know :-)


Per-Olof  Norén


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