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From Brad Gawne <bga...@bralar.on.ca>
Subject [OJB] Issue #OJB154 - reverse-db does not work
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 19:09:16 GMT
You can view the issue detail at the following URL:

Type :        Defect
Issue Id :    OJB154
Reported by: Brad Gawne
             bgawne - (bgawne@bralar.on.ca)


Platform: PC
Operating system: windows 2000
Summary: reverse-db does not work
Description: Using a DB2 7.2 database, I tried to reverse engineer a 30 table system using
the reverse-db project. It failed with null object references and such. I thought it might
be the DB2 JDBC driver, so I tried a SQL Server copy and it failed as well. Using Hibernate
(another O/R) I had no problems reverse engineering. Thus, I have to assume this is a bug.
Status: New
Priority: High
Vote: High
Severity: Major
Functional area: Setup

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