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From "James Holmes" <ja...@jamesholmes.com>
Subject Re: repository xml and DTDs
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2003 14:16:40 GMT

Thanks for your response.

The idea for OJB Console is that it will be able to create and edit
repository.xml files.  Certainly when creating new files it could break them
into the smaller pieces the way the OJB website's example shows.  However,
the problem comes in when editing a file that is broken up.  An XML parser
can read in that file and see it as one, but it won't be intelligent enough
to write out the changes into separate files.  Does that make sense?

So basically this means that in order to use OJB console users would have to
have one big xml file with all config info in it.  Or we could update the
OJB code to be able to accept multiple smaller files.  I realize you're
close to a release and hope we can figure out some solution here.

I'm a committer on the Struts project and could help with this.  I can
supply patches if it's something you will entertain.

Also, another thing I'd like to request (ask very nicely) is to have you (or
another committer) publish the repository DTD at an official address on the
OJB website and to create an official repository file DOCTYPE declaration.

For example Struts has its DTD at:


so the DOCTYPE in Struts config files looks like:

<!DOCTYPE struts-config PUBLIC
       "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 1.1//EN"

For OJB this could be something like:



<!DOCTYPE struts-config PUBLIC
       "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD OJB Repository//EN"

What do you think?  This would be a huge help for me and likely other tools
developers. This would also be similar to the way other frameworks, etc.
post their DTDs (ie. web.xml for WAR files).

Having an official DOCTYPE declaration at the top of the config files allows
tools like OJB console to distinguish the OJB xml file from others.  This is
especially helpful when plugging an OJB tool into an IDE.  Most IDEs have a
mechanism to recognize certain files and make special options available to
the file.  For instance, OJB console will recognize OJB xml files in
Netbeans and allow a user to right click on the file and open it inside of
OJB console.  The way that xml files are recognized is by their DOCTYPE.
For a good example of this you can check out Struts Console
(http://www.jamesholmes.com/struts/).  If you just want to see how this
works you can check out the screen shots section of my website and you'll
see how the IDE plugins work conceptually.

Your attention and help on this very much appreciated.  I think you'll find
that OJB console will be a huge boon to the OJB project.  I know that Struts
Console has really added alot of value to the Struts project.



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From: "Thomas Mahler" <thma32@web.de>
To: "OJB Developers List" <ojb-dev@db.apache.org>
Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2003 4:44 AM
Subject: Re: repository xml and DTDs

> Hi James,
> James Holmes wrote:
> > I'm working on OJB Console, a tool similar to Struts Console, that
should be
> > ready in the next week or so.  However, I'm running into problems with
> > way the repository xml file is broken up.  The problem I'm having is
> > the file is broken into pieces and then "loaded" into the mail file with
> > ENTITY declarations.
> >
> > OJB Console needs each XML file to have a DOCTYPE so that the file can
> >
> > 1.) recognized (meaning distinguished from other XML files)
> > 2.) validated
> Mhh, The OJB file separation is not mandatory. splitting the file in to
> more digestable pieces is just an idea to keep it maintainable for humans.
> So it won't be a problem if you keep things simple and generate it all
> into one file.
> Why is it necessary to handle the files separately? In OJB we are just
> validating repository.xml against repository.dtd and the loading of the
> subordinate files is done transparently by the xml include mechanism.
> >
> > Any ideas for solving this problem.  I realize there has been a
> > set to break up the large monolithic file into smaller manageable
> > Perhaps each file could specity a DOCTYPE and OJB could load mulitple
> > smaller files and instead of loading one file that sources in the
> As we want to have a stable 1.0 release out soon, I'd prefer to not
> change the existing format.
> I propose to simply work with one monolithic file for the time being.
> cheerio,
> Thomas
> >
> > -James
> >
> >
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