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From "Peter Rajsky" <peter.raj...@elline.sk>
Subject OJB for 2-tier applications
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 10:19:34 GMT
I use OJB for 2-tier application. Lot of SQL queries (for reading one
object) cause
performance problems.

I am able to achieve big performance gains by:
- using report queries and reading all neccessary objects by one query
(using database inner-joins and outer-joins)
- creating objects from returned result set manually

of course I use object-relational mapping toolkit, because I want to avoid
to do such things.

I would like to perfom this (as an option of course) on OJB level, not in
- what do you think about this idea? is somebody doing it already? are there
some reasons why not to do it?
- could you point me to classes which are responsible for generating queries
and creating corresponding objects?

thanks a lot, pr

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