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From Neeme Praks <ne...@apache.org>
Subject OJB inside JBoss
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 20:09:53 GMT
Hi again!

There is support for JBoss and other application servers in OJB, but the 
documentation is lacking, so here are some questions:
* what version of Jboss OJB has been tested with? 2.4.x vs. 3.x?
* any specific problems that I should be aware of when trying to run OJB 
under JBoss?
* location and loading of repository.xml... How is this achieved under 
JBoss? AFAIU, repository.xml is located outside of EJB EAR system, in 
some well-defined location? Is there any support for loading 
repository.xml file from the deployed EAR achive? I saw something is CVS 
that dealt with loading mapping info from per-class XML snippets... not 
sure that this would be the best route to take, however, some way for 
registering "external" repository.xml with OJB service would be useful? 
Something like this (pseudo-code):

Context context = new InitialContext();
OJBService ojb = context.lookup("OJBService");
InputStream is = 
//... rest of the stuff here, using OJB, etc

Would something like this be possible? Or maybe it is already possible?

* also, do I have to declare something "special" in my deployment 
descriptors, in order to get access to OJB?
* and, is it a good idea to put all the OJB jar files under Jboss lib 
directory? Or will it create some classloading problems?
* what about the OM classes? should these be also in the same 
classloader as OJB? Or can OM classes stay in my EAR classloader and OJB 
stay in Jboss "root" classloader?

Loads of questions, but hopefully there are also some answers... if I 
get it all working, then afterwards I would be willing to put together 
some sort of JBoss howto... ;-)


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