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From Per-Olof Norén <pe...@alma.nu>
Subject [PATCH] java.sql.Struct support (was it deliberatly missing?)
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 19:46:40 GMT
Hi Thomas, all

Looking at the types page (http://db.apache.org/ojb/jdbc-types.html) one 
finds java.sql.Struct mentioned. This gives me the impression that it´s 
intended that one should be able to use STRUCT columns. However, looking 
in FieldDescriptor.java and SqlHelper.java I see no support for 
Trying to use struct columns renders a OJBRuntimeException to be trown:
"The type STRUCT cannot be used for attribute geometry can not be 
handled by OJB. Please specify only types as defined by java.sql.Types."

My question is shoud it or should it not be possible tu use STRUCT?
Attached is a patch that fixes this in SqlHelper and FieldDescriptor.

As usual, let me know if I can assist in any way .

Per-Olof Norén
Curalia AB

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